Archero《Hacker》 Script Vip 7.1 + Gold + News Equips + New Hero Orphelia + BattlePass v2.3.1



Gems and Coins HACK

Archero v2.3.1 Script Vip 7.1

Neste Script Contém

🔋Unlimited Energy(🆕️💥)”
♻️ Drop Only one Type Equip
⚡Flash Hero (Parallel)
⚡Flash Hero (Root)
⚡Flash Hero (Vmos)
☠ 1 Hit Kill + Damage ❤”
💨Fast Attack 🏹
Equips Commom Full lendaries
🔄 Drop only Type Scrolls 📜
🔂 Change Equips Dropped 🛠
♾ Multiply Scrolls Droped 📜
🚦 Start with max Gold 💰
⏩ Jump Room 🪂(Parallel)
⏩ Jump Room 🪂(Root/Vmos)
⭐ Buy Gold in Shop 63% Off 💰
🏆 Unlock BattlePass 🎁 (Parallel)
🏆 Unlock BattlePass 🎁 (Root/Vmos)
🔐 Unlock Heroes Buy 💳
🌐 Advance Next Event Free ⏳

Download Script (subtitled) inglês …. fix…. 7.1

Download Script (Dublado) Português

Download Game Guardian

Download Parallel Space…

Download Vmos

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Hello guys, so I checked the video for the skills and found out that I had Rage all along LUL
But without ricochet it was actually so much more difficult than I thought.
More guides down here ↓↓↓

Stutter step guide:
Multi-rarity weapon tier list:
Hero 16 “guide”:
Account progression guide:
Gem guide:
Playthrough in new account:

and more!
Thanks for watching!

The skills that I got are:
Piercing shot, 3 Hp boost, Rage, 2 Atk Boost, Crit master, 2 Crit master (minor), Rear arrow, Multi-shot, Strong heart, Strong heart (angel), Side arrows, Atk boost (minor), Blood Thirst, 2 Atk spd (minor), Blaze, Bolt Strike, Invincibility Star

00:00 Start
0:50 Piercing shot
2:28 Hp boost, Rage, Atk Boost, Crit master (minor)
4:06 Rear Arrow, Atk boost, Hp boost
5:01 Multishot
5:14 Strong Heart (book)
6:05 Side Arrows, Atk boost (minor)
7:13 Bloodthirst, Atk spd (minor)
8:05 Hp boost
8:29 Blaze (book)
9:48 Bolt Strike, Crit master (minor)
11:19 Strong Heart (angel)
12:05 Crit master (book)
13:46 Atk spd (minor)
15:18 Invincibility Star (book)

Yeah 4 skills from the book =) It is not even Perfect epic yet.
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